History of Our Association

The USS Charles H Roan (DD-853) Association was founded in 1990 by three former crew members who found each other after registering with the Tin Can Sailors Association www.tincansailors.org. Richard F. Souza (SMC 58-66), Ed Semcheski (RM2 61-64), and Carl Wishart (QM2 57-60).

After advertising in various military publications, reunion papers, and related magazines, we held our first reunion in 1991 in Fall River, MA. Since then, we have held reunions in Newport, RI in 1993;  in Alexandria, VA (Washington, DC) in 1995; in Buffalo, NY in 1997; in St. Augustine, FL in 1999; in Charleston, SC in 2000; in Norfolk, VA in 2002; in Warwick (Providence), RI in 2004; in Branson, MO in 2006; in Myrtle Beach, SC in 2008; in Warwick (Providence), RI in 2010; in Jacksonville, FL in October 2012; and most recently in Philadelphia, PA in 2014. Our next reunion will be held in 2016, in Amarillo, TX.
Roan Board - 2008

All of our reunions are well attended, and probably have more shipmates and guests attend than any other destroyer listed with the Tin Can Sailors Association.  Our reunions regularly bring together between 150 - 200 shipmates and guests.

We now have approximately 1000 former shipmates who are members of our Association, and our roster is one of the most complete for ship’s associations. We continually and actively search for former shipmates.

Board of Directors:

  • President: Richard F. Souza, SMC 58-66
  • Vice President: Ed Semcheski, RM2 61-64
  • Vice President: Bob Willet, BT2 63-66
  • Vice President: Carl Wishart, QM2 57-60
  • Chaplain: Frank Manasseri, RM2 61-64
  • Secretary & Editor: Joe Lambert, EM2 62-64
  • Web Manager: Ron (Richardson) Lucchesi, FTG3 66-68

Board Members:

  • Gordon Anthony, YN3 61-64
  • Joe Carlson, SO2 49-53
  • Paul Dabbs, FTG2 70-72
  • Sal Genova, QM3 52-53
  • Bob Hansen, TE3 57-59
  • Tony Hudalla, LTJG 59-62
  • Bob Marshall, LT 59-61
  • Chuck Medlar, BM3 66-70
  • Ralph Rankin, FTGSN 65-67
  • Henry Rossi, SK2 57-60
  • Tom VanPetten, LTJG 58-61
  • Ray Ward, CO/Capt. 66-67

If you are a former crew member who served aboard the USS Charles H. Roan, and you would like to join our Association, please complete and submit a
membership form. You may also use this form to let us know of any changes such as address or email updates.

There is no obligation, and we do not charge dues! We never share your information with anyone! Through our Association you will be able to connect with old shipmates, and catch up on old times.